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Primy Corporation one of the leading manufacturers specializes in high quality 304 stainless steel faucet, shower, and kitchen sink in China.

Founded in 1998, Primy Corporation is Holding Company, comprised of Primy Kitchen & Bathroom Co.GmbH  and Primy Co., Ltd (China), our Corporate Campus and Production Facilities cover over 200,000 square meters. We are located in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China and currently employee over 2000 Associates, throughout the organization.

We believe that in order to design good quality products we need to find the right combination of form, function, quality, sustainability and affordable price. Our Designers and Product Developers have to find the right balance of all of these elements at the beginning of the design process. It’s a unique challenge that we believes keeps us innovative. Of course, our production phase is where innovation at Primy comes to life.

What makes it unique is our commitment to work with our equipment and material suppliers, with their help we able to find the most efficient and cost effective new ways of bringing our product designs to life. We believe that innovation in all aspects of our business process is the life blood of our company.